`Come´ necklaces

Group photo


Brooch set up

Is this jewelry


Brooched up

It´s a dog.

Brooch from series come.

Attaching the pins

Rolling the brooches  on Yuka.

Tule /Come

With Tule I try to get the viewer to forget about seriousness.

Tule is a dialogue between different tactile surfaces and colors. Those two create a playful body that titillates the eye but speaks directly to fingertips. Playfulness is a place where I want the person to stop because the power of playing charges our batteries over and over again.​ 

Work is based on sensory play where the author repeats movement, to calm overloaded brains. Squeezing pieces repeatedly gives a meditative, soothing feeling to me. 

Perhaps this feeling is related with fire-gazing or the repetitive devotions of prayer beads.

I believe that by following a path repeatedly with one’s fingers the wearer can bring calmness inside her.

Photo credits to Ninni Vidgren

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