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Fruitfully Yours 

Usually my working process starts from playing with materials I have at home.  
Mixing different media leads me wherever it is necessary to go. 

Fruitfully yours started from my technique I started with the squeezable Tule-series. This time

I used balloons, polymer, resin and silicon and ended up with soulful shapes. I associate these forms with fertility. The drops inside the forms reminded me of eggs or egg cells. 
Association to egg cells might be because it was not so long ago when some add from social media asked me weather I would like them to count my egg cells, my days of fruitfulness..

These shapes started an ongoing thinking process of today’s paradox: simultaneous population growth and entering the sixth mass extinction. With this series I focus on these two opposites.


First pieces of fertility are colorful and filled with life. They are powerful, shouting and fill the room with energy. Necklaces consist of glued balloons and colored howlite stones that have burning variations of reds, almost straight from melted lava streams. In this first series are also simply one balloon brooches with silver brooch backs and earrings for one ear. These silver brooch backsides resemble melted lava. For me lava represents destruction and sudden catastrophe but also fertile land suitable for growing.

Pieces from extinction are silent in comparison to their colorful opposites like extinction is silent in comparison to birth. I want to put forth the feel of extinction with color contrast from black and white balloons.  Black balloon pieces are combined with black matte lava beads and silver. White balloons have only wire or pieces of wood from endangered (thought recycled) trees.

All necklaces are connected with coated wire, 999 silver and sterling silver that are either cast or electroformed. Earrings have a sterling silver back.

Photo credits to Ninni Vidgren to visit her work, go to

Model Josephine and Tujo

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