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My work is about repetition and often conceptualization circling around what amazes me in physical and intangible world.

Repetition is necessary for me as a maker because it makes my soul restful.

I keep believing that part of this comfort gets communicated to viewer.


All my life I´ve been surrounded with extraordinary people. The very different perspectives that I had the chance to observe have given me a unique seeding bed. I feel very lucky to be a third-generation crafts person and happy about how I got to grow roots into making. My earliest memories are often from my parents’ studios, where I had a baby-bed.

Later when I got to kindergarten it was only 100 meters away from dad´s workshop - and as the fence guarding the playground had big enough holes, it became a habit of mine to flee to the workshop and create things under a big table in the showroom. (Until I got caught and was returned to daycare, that is.)
The bed might have grown length, but luckily mindset remained as it was at Dad´s workshop 30 years ago.